ORAC-DR Data Reduction Pipeline

Welcome to the website for the ORAC-DR Data Reduction Pipeline. ORAC-DR is an automated astronomical data reduction pipeline that reduces data from various telescopes, including UKIRT, JCMT, and the AAT. ORAC-DR can reduce sub-millimetre and infrared data taken in a wide variety of modes, including standard imaging and spectroscopy, polarimetry imaging and spectroscopy, and integral field spectroscopy. A similar pipeline-based system for processing reduced data, called PICARD, is also available.

ORAC-DR is bundled with the Starlink Software Collection, so obtaining the software is best done there. If you want to get a cutting edge version of ORAC-DR, please visit the updating via git instructions. Developers may be interested in the git repository or the development statistics.

For further information about ORAC-DR, please see:

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